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Champions: How they became the key to RPPD success

> 12 January 2014

Champions are women and men selected in districts to help the RPPD mechanism implementation. They have been selected among district staff and PSF officers that are close to business related issues. At the beginning of the mechanism, these people were a bit confused in terms of their roles and responsibilities and were almost always complaining about this new attribution which was not specifically integrated in their portfolio. After several trainings organized with the main purpose of building their capacity in this mechanism, especially the training on moderation skills, champions realized that this mechanism constitutes the ultimate goal of their daily work and started really getting fully involved in this mechanism. If RPPD got sufficient and good results, it is due to the engagement of these women and men. Since these trainings were given, all important events that necessitate facilitation are moderated by RPPD champions even if the event is not related to the mechanism.
We observed several dialogues organized on champions initiatives, facilitated and moderated by themselves without any support from RPPD national secretariat or GIZ.