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Dialogue on delay payments to entrepreneurs by public institutions in GAKENKE District

> 19 January 2016

Before 2014 Public Private Dialogue Road show, business people in GAKENKE District were complaining about delays in payments for the services rendered to the public institutions in the District. After PPD launch, the first dialogue on the 3rd September 2014 dealt with delay payments to entrepreneurs by public institutions. Among the participants were the district authorities represented by the Executive Secretary of the District, Mr. KANSIIME James, the District accountant, PSF committee and the business community representatives. The process was long and it took a year to be successfully implemented.
Among resolutions taken during the dialogue was that all delayed payments accompanied by supporting documents should be identified and reported to the District in the finance unit after a month, nevertheless, they couldn’t completed as assumed in the fixed time due to complicated requirements obliged by the District. The budget were revised and the authorities put more efforts in collaborating with the Executive Secretaries at Sector level, PSF Committees at District level and Sector level and concerned people to process the payments.
Among the cases that were handled successfully are the workers at KILUKU School, suppliers for construction materials. They were paid amount of four million (4,000,000) after a period of five years, TWAGIRAMARIYA Leocadie and other suppliers for Rescues’ home of Genocide have been also reimbursed amount of seven hundred and thirty one thousand Rwandan francs ( 731,000) after seven years that they have delivered the service to MUYONGWE Sector in GAKENKE District. In addition, the cooperatives in charge of cleaning commercial centers in MUHONDO, RUSHASHI, KIVURUGA and GAKENKE Sectors have also received their salaries as indicated in the contract. The following arguments expressed well their impressions: DUKUZUMURENYI J. De Dieu, PSF President at Sector level in GAKENKE Sector said: ‘’ …I confirm that the payments resulted from the dialogues between two parties, public and private after many claims through generic meetings and repetitive reminders letters but without appropriate response…’’
This satisfied the business community and the District authorities appreciated warmly the RPPD mechanism that brought the attention to the situation on delay payments.

Written by Hyacinthe TWISHIME, RPPD Consultant