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RPPD consultants contribution to the District tax law reform

> 6 August 2014

On Monday, 21st July 2014 at Eco Emploi Office, I was participating in a 3 hours meeting between RPPD consultants aiming at giving our inputs on the ongoing District tax law reform.

After further discussions, we came up with strategies to increase commitment of PSF and District authorities in RPPD which include:

- For Districts where the RPPD champions meets with the community they can invite governors, PSF leaders at national level to emphasize responsibilities of both parties vis a vis RPPD mechanism.
- For districts where RPPD was recently introduced to organize network session, they should focus on increasing RPPD awareness.

It was a good thing to see RPPD consultants commit themselves to clarify issues in the District report in order to clarify how the issue/problem does affect one of the parties to RPPD.

Personally, this was a good opportunity to share ideas and take part in resolving challenges we encounter in our respective Districts of work as every consultant has been able to give his input.

At the end of the day, we were all happy as our contribution will not only help people solve their problems but will also contribute to the development of the country.

Written by Placidie UWINEZA
RPPD Consultant