> 13 February 2015

Public Private Dialogue is the best forum to discuss and find ways of promoting investment in Rwanda.

The good case happened in NYARUGENGE on January 28th 2015, where the District authority in partnership with Private Sector Federation organized a dialogue with key business people operating in the City of Kigali specifically NYARUGENGE District.

The dialogue was organized with the purpose to discussing the best ways to implement the District Master Plan and raise awareness of the business community on investment bestowed.

After presentation of the NYARUGENGE Master plan by the District Mayor supported with his staff from the urbanization and planning division, business operators discovered that there are various interesting areas where they can invest their money.

Some expressed even their surprise that the District is still having areas allocated for industry i.e. KANYINYA and MAGERARERE Sectors.

The business community pointed out however some worries about inefficiency of banks’ services and insufficiency of water supply system.

The District Mayor and the PSF President admitted that those challenges are there but numbers of initiatives are also being done to overcome those problems.

One of the big outcomes of this dialogue was the interest of some business people to invest in some projects like building of commercial and residence houses including affordable houses and promised to pursue negotiations with the District on the process of acquiring land and construction permits.

In addition, a joint commission composed of representatives from the District and business community will be put in place in near future to facilitate exchange of information and boost cooperation between the two parties.

Finally, it was decided to organize specific dialogue between investors, bankers, including the National Bank to find a way of improving quality of service of bankers to investors taking into consideration investors ‘needs.

In my observation, this dialogue was a good opportunity for information sharing, trust building and pushing one another to concrete actions. If commitments taken during this dialogue are followed by good implementation, there is no doubt that NYARUGENGE Master Plan will not wait long to become a reality.

Bizimungu Jean Baptiste
RPPD Consultant