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My experience on Gisagara RPP Dialogue.

> 6 March 2014

Last Thursday, 6th March 2014, I participated in a successful dialogue on PSF involvement in the whole process of district taxes fixation conducted in Gisagara. The dialogue was fully inclusive in terms of stakeholders’ participation. I was surprised by how all participants were active in intervening and providing their views and considerations. Their concerns were about producing and generating resolutions that could satisfy both sides.
I realized that the top down communication was avoided. This was testified by the way participants sit during dialogue without the high table usually used by district authorities. This allowed a frank communication and exchange between participants. District representatives seized exercising their power and imposing resolutions on the discussed issue which encouraged business representatives easily expressing their expectations from the dialogue. PSF representatives proved their capacity of negotiating and claiming what really contribute to their business promotion.
The fact that PSF representatives well explained the issue and its impacts on business development and on district taxes maximization, brought the dialogue to a resolution that involves PSF committee in the whole process of analyzing and approving the district taxes.
Talking to PSF representatives and observing the enthusiasm that marked the public side at the end of this dialogue, I conclude by stating that a dialogue is successful, once resolutions are taken after a mutual consensus.