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Being a consultant

> 18 March 2014

In 2008 I decided to undertake the profession of professional consultant given that I had been just graduated in Development Studies and there was a great need of professional in Development on the market in support and promotion of farmers’ associations.
Therefore I opened a consultancy and training various associations’ members and I got registered with RDB to obtain a certificate of registration and a tax identification number.

As I had a healthy experience working with local NGOs (INADES RWANDA training center, COFORWA, etc) who work closely with farmers’ associations, I got lot of consultancy and training jobs from their partners.
However, to build trust with partners, a consultant must meet certain conditions:
-  Handle the material and be communicative.
-  Have a sense of organization and responsibility;
-  Accept working under pressure;
-  Have a spirit of teamwork;
-  Have a sense of coordination and a spirit of synthesis;
-  Master the work area...
To have good results, a consultant must be sufficiently skilled, adequate preparation, well organized in one’s work (what, who, when, where, how).
To be a professional consultant is a good career that interests me personally, that enables to develop fast and easily the populations and especially in developing countries where the population is not sufficiently educated. Now I work with GIZ as a consultant in the implementation of RPPD mechanism. Up to now, I realised much activities like Roads show in Nyanza, Kamonyi and Karongi. I was facilitated also in the Dialogue meetings in Districts Rwamagana and Bugesera.
I encourage the young university students who complete their studies to embrace this kind of career.