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> 20 February 2014

When I began my consultancy work in RPPD mechanism, in the first meeting, I heard the term ‘‘road show’’. I didn’t know what means it. Being with other RPPD members who have experience in the mechanism, they explained to me what it was.

Then GIZ organized a training of champions coming from group B, namely Nyabihu, Rulindo, Nyamagabe, Gatsibo, Bugesera, Gasabo, Nyarugenge, Ngoma, Kirehe, Kicukiro, Rwamagana and Gisagara. It was scheduled at La Palisse Nyandungu Hotel. After this, it was organized road shows meetings in the mentioned districts. I participated in Road show in Nyabihu district. Arrived there,I got a flue due to a cold climate. I was really impressionned by the high attendance, 55 out of 50 invitees: 17 from public sector and 38 from private sector. But women attended at low level, only 10. I was wondering why? The road show meeting raised 5 issues related to business: imposed taxes by the District without consultations of the private sector, non-registered and illegal businesses, non planned meetings and other District activities or functions that stop regularly business activities, regular electric power interruptions and the lack of banks guarantees for women.

At the end of the road show meeting, I was happy because of wonderful realized activity. I expected that everyone will use RPPD mechanism as a tool which would help him to do its daily business.

Written by Hyacinthe Twishime