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What is RPPD ?

> 12 February 2014

RPPD is a platform between the private and public sector in Rwanda to discuss and solve business related challenges. It’s an opportunity for the business community to influence business reforms. RPPD is strengthening the dialogue culture in Rwanda.

Business people in Rwanda are invited to raise their business related issues with RPPD to find a solution. The RPPD secretariat is a joint initiative between the Private Sector Federation (PSF) and Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Together these institutions bring involved parties for business related issues together to find a way to solve it. Depending on the issue it will be carried on involving institutions up to possible law reform instruments.

RPPD is available anytime and through many channels and free of charge

Each District has a responsible champion Champion means a facilitator and driver of making sure the dialogue at local level is happening they formed by responsible of business development services, responsible for business development center at District level, Permanent secretary of Joint Action Development Forum, In charge of Investment and Cooperatives at District level, President of Private Sector Federation at District level, Representative of Women Chamber at District level who is the first contact in the business community to access RPPD. You find them in the contacts. RPPD is also reachable by e-mail, social media or our SMS-Tool which makes it easy to raise an issue with your mobile phone in your hand. The issues will be addressed, clarified and the search for a solution.

Business people are able to change their business environment through RPPD

RPPD can change the way to do business in Rwanda. Business people already saw the change, RPPD can bring. MPAKANIYE Innocent in Musanze could boost his business with the help of RPPD by lowering parking fees. He is only one of many RPPD Success stories

RPPD is a structured mechanism for the Government and the Private Sector to jointly address key business/private sector constraints.

Clare Akamanzi, former COO RDB
“Our mission is to ensure that solu­tions we come to are actually demand-driven and they are thoroughly re­searched – we do not want to look at issues when they come and then ad­dress them,”
Hannington Namara, former CEO of the Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation (PSF)
"Mechanism will be structured so that it will have representation up to district and sector levels and mentioned that all activities will be coordinated by RPPD secretariat that will be jointly formed by representatives from PSF and Rwanda Development Board."


“Creating solutions together on issues facing the business community and government“


A Solutions to demand driven issues through research, dialogue and effective coordination for the Business Community and Government Institutions.

Benefits of an effective RPPD mechanism in driving dialogue and collaboration between public and private sector.

Engaging the key steps of the policy dialogue: diagnosing issues, designing solutions, implementation and monitoring and evaluating, it can accelerate business reforms and ensure that they significantly ease constraints faced by the private sector. This will enable the private sector to grow and contribute to economic development.