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Exorbitant parking fee resolved

> 10 January 2014

Before December 10th 2013, business people in MUSANZE District were complaining about being charged of a lot of parking fees for car parks constructed and maintained by them. In addition, persons that were exempted from these parking fees were not among those who contributed in building these parks (banks managers).

A dialogue was organized around this issue and brought together KCVS (in charge of collecting these fees), the District authorities, PSF committee and the business community representatives.
Among resolutions taken, all car parks users should pay these parking fees without any exception. Business people were reminded that those fees are not for maintaining parks but for controlling the security of parked cars. For those that use these parks for the whole day in their work, KVCS accepted them paying, on monthly basis, a fixed price of 5,000 Rwandan francs which is averagely 19 Rwandan francs per hour (calculated on the following basis: FRw.5,000 for 26 working days in a month: 10 hours of working in a day = FRw.19) instead of being 100 Rwandan francs per hour which was a burden for permanent business people in MUSANZE.

MPAKANIYE Innocent, a businessman in MUSANZE District who was representing business community in the dialogue appreciated the mechanism, especially the fact that resolutions were jointly taken by concerned parties and the spirit that marked the dialogue stakeholders in taking resolutions that could satisfy car parks users. He was committed to disseminate those resolutions to his colleagues and he assured that there will be complains anymore.

Reported by Emmanuel MURANGWA, GIZ Consultant attached to MUSANZE District