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The issue of security for business was discussed in MUHANGA Public Private Dialogue

> 15 July 2014

Monday June 30th, 2014, a Public Private Dialogue took place at Real Motel in Muhanga District. The purpose of the dialogue was to resolve the issue of security for business in Muhanga. Business community has always been complaining of robbery of their goods while they are required to pay on monthly basis security contribution to COPEVEM. The Private Sector delegation was led by the Vice President of PSF Mr Musabyimana Emmanuel. The District was represented by the District Security Officer and Capt. Kagina, Security expert from COPEVEM (the cooperative of demobilized soldiers responsible for security in Muhanga).There was also the responsible of reserved forces in Muhanga District, Capt. Kayiranga.
After fruitful discussions, it was agreed that, if any case of robbery happens to a business person in the area under responsibility of COPEVEM, it has to pay without any condition. In addition, it was decided to revise the contract in a way that interests of both parties are taken into account and business community should be associated in the revision process. Lastly it was agreed that a quarterly meeting between PSF and COPEVEM should be called by the PSF President to regularly discuss any arising issues. The District and business community also committed themselves to equip COPEVEM with enough capacity to keep adequately security for business in Muhanga town..

The dialogue was successful and all the parties were satisfied with the outcomes.

By Baptiste BIZIMUNGU, GIZ Consultant