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Rwamagana business people meet on Lack of consultation during shopping mall construction

> 12 October 2014

The topic of the discussion was focused on “Lack of consultation with stakeholders ( business community)(dealers ) during the designing and implementation of shopping mall’s construction in business areas”.

The fact that some of those shopping malls are located far from the main road has led to bringing down the number of customers for business people , who were compelled to occupy them by the district authority; also some stands do not meet the type of business which are expected to be carried out.

The dialogue meeting took place in the meeting room of the district on September 16th, 2014 and was opened at 10h35’ am by the remarks of PSF President in Rwamagana District, Mr. Murenzi Jean Baptiste.

The PSF representative commended the efforts of the organizers of the event and thanked the participants for their commitment to use the PPD mechanism, which aims at strengthening the dialogue culture between businesses and district authorities to address pertinent issues in their district. He urged participants to actively participate in bringing up ideas and propose solutions.

The facilitator of the session was RPPD Champion in Rwamagana district Ms UWAMAHORO Alvera and the attendance was as follows:

5 Champions 1 District representative: Vice Mayor FED, Mrs. Francisca Mutiganda
1 GIZ representative: Private Sector advisor, Mr. Gilbert Rubangisa and 14 Business people including 1 female and 13 males.

The resolutions that came out of the discussions are the following:

1. It is needed to organize a meeting with beneficiaries of development projects every time at least three months before their study and the design of the related facilities.
2. It has been decided that before the end of October 2014 the PSF representative in Mwurire Sector will organize a meeting with business people working in the local shopping mall to see what is needed in order to put in the electricity power.
3. It has been decided that one month before starting the construction works of Nyakariro shopping mall, the PSF committee along with District authorities will visit that area in order to decide the plot where it has to be built.
4. It has been decided that before one-year period, the District authorities would have ordered the study about development projects planned in Rubona sector in order to enable the private sector actors to give their views.

PSF President commended the PPD mechanism that helps business people to get involved in the district development projects implementation.

MUBILIGI Jean Baptiste
RPPD Consultant