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Rusizi dialogue on illegal forex bureaus.

> 28 September 2015

Rusizi dialogue on illegal forex bureaus.
Organized on the 17th September 2015, Rusizi dialogue on the illegal forex bureaus was conducted at KEHEDA Hotel and attended by 43 participants (11 females and 32 males) from both public and private sector. In this event, the district was represented by the Vice Mayor NSIGAYE Emmanuel; while the PSF was represented by its committee. Took part to this dialogue, other representatives of public institutions (BNR, Police and the Prosecution) and private individuals that are concerned by the business issue.
In his opening remarks, the PSF president, NGABONZIZA Jean Bosco reminded participants that the issue of illegal forex bureaus which is on the agenda, was raised during the last RPPD meets community that took place on 20th August 2015. He highly appreciated the participation of the National Bank from Kigali and the importance it attaches to this event. He emphasized on the culture that marks Rusizi district in solving issues with the participation of concerned parties.
The Vice President Marcel HABYARIMANA explained to participants the issue and how it affects the business in Rusizi. He insisted on people that are involved in illegal foreign currencies exchanging, operating roads to roads and on borders and on business people who do the same activities within their shops or sell products into those currencies.
Reacting to this, the National Bank representative from Kigali; KAGOYIRE Francoise insisted on requirements to open the forex bureau, the law that governs forex bureaus and the penal code; especially its 488 article that specify punishments to people involved in illegal money exhange.
The dialogue concluded by three following key resolutions:
Legal forex bureaus will update and avail the list of illegal money exchangers and submit it to police for prosecution
The PSF in Rusizi will mobilize the business community to invest in foreign currencies exchange to increase the number of legal bureaus.
The PSF in Rusizi will organized the meeting with all suspected illegal money exchangers and business people that sell products into foreign money and urge them to stop these illegal activities.