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RPPD Huye presents their achievements to the community

> 12 November 2014

The Huye PPD community report back meeting (kwinegura forum) took place on 20th October 2014 at Credo Hotel in Huye District and was attended by 23 participants, among them District authorities (Vice Mayors in charge of Economic Affairs, JADF, In charge of Cooperatives), PSF District president, BDS, LIFAM Officer, Nucleus Officer and PSF presidents from sectors like kigoma, Maraba and Rusatira among others.

This was complemented by the RPPD secretariat and GIZ representation.

The Vice Mayor officially opened the meeting. He acknowledged the role of Government, private and civil society in the country’s economy, saying that they’re all intertwined and need to cooperate in order to foster the country’s strategic goals as stipulated in the EDPRSII.

The PSF President briefed participants about the status of PPD activities in Huye highlighting past achievements and failures as indicated below;

Achievement registered by RPPD Huye

- Fees reduced from 35,000 and were categorized according to a business’s size and profitability. Classifications currently range from 10000Rwf, 7500Rwf, 5000Rwf and 3000Rwf depending on business size
- District PSF president is now a member of the district council (Njyanama)
- Quarterly meetings held with financial institutions
- Every bank is now publicly displaying their loan/credit requirements
- Decision to demolish old business buildings in Huye town was postponed after consultation from the private sector
- All debts were paid by the district
- Majority were mobilized into cooperatives

The following issues were raised and they will be discussed during the next dialogue meeting with the District:

- District fees that are established without prior consultation of the private sector
- Access to Finance
- District decision to demolish old business Buildings in Huye town
- Delayed Payments for the private sector by public institutions
- Informal traders

The PSF President also informed the meeting that MOUs were signed between PSF District and Sector Presidents to carry out PPD at sector level.