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RALGA to launch Public–Private business platform

> 25 January 2013

Local Business Lunches for Public Private Dialogue initiative starts this Friday. Organised by the Rwandese Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA), the initiative is aimed at bringing together the private sector and local authorities to discuss local economic development issues, the association’s capacity building officer, Oscar Nzirera, said.

Nzirera said the launch would set a platform for district authorities and local private sector stakeholders to organise regular business meetings in their localities to foster public-private dialogue and partnerships.

“RALGA, in collaboration with the Rwanda Public Private Dialogue (RPPD), will issue guidelines on how to organise and facilitate the dialogues. It will also give technical assistance during the first business lunches,” he said in an interview.

The initiative will be supported by RPPD of the Private Sector Federation(PSF) and the Rwanda Development Board(RDB).

The development follows training of local public and private stakeholders in local economic development and the importance of participation of the private sector in local development issues.

“RALGA is now providing this new and more formal arrangement for dialogue so that businesses and the local authorities interact and form partnerships,” Nzirera said.

Participants at the national launch will include mayors of all the districts across the country and City of Kigali, private sector representatives from each district, Trade and Industry ministry, Local Government ministry, PSF, RDB, the Association of Hotels and Restaurants in Rwanda, the Rwanda Local Development Support Fund, RGB, the Business Development Fund and development partners.

Author: Ben Gasore
Source: The New Times