> 12 October 2014

Thursday, 9th October 2014 in Centre Culturel, Rubavu. Business people convened a meeting together with District officials. The purpose of the meeting was to showcases the achievements registered by Rubavu RPPD mechanism since it started in February 17th, 2013.

The District officer in charge of cooperatives reminded business people that the main aim of this platform is to identify issues that are hindering business in Rubavu and to find a solution together. He also assured that the district will always be present whenever they are invited.

Hitayezu Dirigeant, reminded the history of RPPD in Rubavu saying that in the beginning business people didn’t understand the benefit of it but now through dialogues, now it is clear that minds have changed and they are now optimistic about the results because they can see the impacts of the mechanism on their daily businesses.

Some of the achievements registered by RPPD in Rubavu are:

• Business people have a say on the establishment of new taxes before they are approved by the District council
• Through Dialogue, Forex Bureaus that were not registered were closed by institutions in charged and only the one with BNR certificate are operating
• Women street vendors operating in cross border trade are now in cooperative and the district have given them a booth in the local market place.
• BDF officer and cooperatives Officer in district are now following up loan request of women street vendors until they get money.

RDB officer in charge of tourism explained to business people the strategies that are in place to develop tourism sector and he encourages them to invest in Kivu Belt Project. He noted that most hindrances for tourism development are that hotels are still very few compared to the demand, poor customer care services and illegality of hotels where he explained that only 8 hotels in Rubavu are authorized to operate.

The participants expressed their gratitude for the way RPPD has positively impacted their businesses and allowed them to resolve challenges they were facing and have access to information on existing opportunities. They thanked the district for their support in resolving business challenges.

The following are the identified issues for the next dialogue:
• Hotels and restaurants bankruptcies
• Power shortage that damage equipment
• Men who refuses to sign mortgage when their wives needs money to grow their businesses.

The vice Mayor in charge of social affairs, Nyirasafari Rachel in her closing remarks, encouraged business people to always approach the district for any assistance and reassured them that they will find a solution together. She noted that the overall objective is to develop the district. She thanked PSF for their efforts and GIZ for their support in business development process.

Daniel Nkubito, RPPD Secretariat/RDB
Rose Kanyange/RPPD Secretariat/PSF