> 12 October 2014

On 8th October 2014, in Musanze at Fatima Hotel, business people meet with district officials to discuss about the results registered by RPPD mechanism since its launch on 20th February, 2013.

The Executive Secretary who was officiating the event encourages business people to work hand in hand with the district to find solutions to their challenges. He also requested their participation district activities for the common interest.

The president of PSF in Musanze District , Byusa Severin , recommended the efforts of the district in resolving business challenges and called business people to express their views and challenges that still need to be resolved.

Daniel Nkubito in charge of RPPD Secretariat in RDB, explained to business people the existing strategies of Government in developing the economy, noting that RPPD mechanism is one of those strategies. He congratulated women for their active participation in RPPD dialogues mechanism.

The following are the key registered achievements of RPPD in Musanze District:

• District Private Sector Federation in definition and decision making process. The president /PSF is appointed as part-time members of the District Council
• Fees reduced by 80% for business owners parking in front of their shops. From 15000 to 5000 per month.
• BDF officer and cooperatives Officer in District are now following up loan request of business people until they get money
• Women street vendors operating in cross border trade are now in cooperative and the District have given them a booth in the local market place and they have been facilitated to access a loan.

The participants thanked the district for their support in addressing business challenges. They also identified key issues that still hinder their businesses which will be discussed during next dialogue, such as:

• Lack of knowledge on taxes related issues
• Power shortage that damage equipment
• Particularly, women identified the issue of men who prevent their wives to operate cross border trade.

Daniel Nkubito, RPPD Secretariat/RDB
Rose Kanyange/RPPD Secretariat/PSF