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PPD Meets Business Community Meeting in NYARUGENGE

> 13 April 2015

Wednesday 25th, 2015, a PPD Meets Community Meeting was organized in Nyarugenge District.

The meeting took place in Galaxy Hotel, Nyarugenge District and was attended by 36 participants including the District Business Promotion and Employment Officer; 15women and 20 men from the private Sector.

This meeting is the last step of the PPD cycle. This includes: identification of issues, dialogue planning, pre-dialogue meeting, dialogue, implementation of dialogue resolutions and PPD Meets Community Meeting.

At this last step, business community and the District authority meet for a review of the PPD progress and identify new issues for future dialogues.

Both the Vice President of PSF Nyarugenge and the District Officer in charge of Business Promotion and Employment thanked participants for the time dedicated to the event showing that they have a good understanding of its importance.

They also called upon all participants to be open and contribute their ideas that will help improving business in their District and the country’s development in general

Regarding the progress made by Nyarugenge PPD, it was noted that two dialogues had already taken place and that their resolutions are being implemented in a positive way.

After the review of PPD progress, participants identified issues for next dialogues. These include:

1) Poor Business environment in Biryogo Sector due to very old houses most of them lacking basic requirements.

2) Small businesses complaining about the cost of EBM machines and costs associated to its use (accountants/penalties) not proportional to the business size.

3) People who were doing their business in Nyabugogo market now relocated in Biryogo Market continue paying the same fees when their business has regressed due to small space and little clientele.

4) Women complaining about difficult access to bank loan because some husbands do not allow their wives to give family assets as collateral.

Business people liked the discussion and wished to be invited in the upcoming dialogues to better explain their concerns and get their problems solved.

Bizimungu G. Jean Baptiste
RPPD Consultant