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Public Private Dialogue held in KARONGI District

> 20 January 2015

A dialogue between the district authorities and business people was held on Monday, December 22 at Hotel EDEN ROCK in Karongi.

The purpose of the dialogue was to find solutions to some of the challenges which have been raised during the” RPPD Road show”.

During this dialogue, the topic chosen to be debated on was “Too many authorities’ meetings which interrupt business activities”
It was opened at 12: 00 pm by an opening remark of the PSF President, Mr. Alexis Gahizi.

Opening remark by Karongi PSF president, Mr, Alexis GAHIZI

After congratulating all participants and highlighting the issue to be discussed, the President asked Mr. Mukama Libert, Director of administration in Karongi District, who represented the district of Karongi to open the dialogue.
This dialogue was moderated by one of RPPD champion in Karongi, Mr NKURIKIYE Casimir( BDS) and was attended by 29 people (10 females and 19 males) :

• 4 champions including:
-  2 champions from PSF ( 1 female and 1 male)
-  2 champions from District (1 female and 1male)
• 2 representatives of Karongi district ( 1 female and 1 male)
• 23 business people including 7 females and 16 males.

In this dialogue, business people mentioned the issue of the shortfall due to the interruption of business activities because of unexpected meetings they are invited to attend.

They gave the example of restaurants owners among others, who cook a big quantity of food to sell but cannot do it because of those events. But also some business people who come from different corners of the district to sell their goods in the market and go back without selling anything though they have already paid the tax to enable them to sell their goods in the market, etc…

Business people in discussions

The debate was interesting and the two parties agreed on the following resolutions:

1. It had been agreed that business people would find shop attendants to help them to continue with their business activities while they are in meetings. However, anyone who will miss the meeting without informing authorities will be punished.
2. It had been agreed that PSF committees in different sectors must collaborate with the district authorities in order to communicate the upcoming meetings and follow up how business people participate.
3. It had been agreed that the district authorities must combine all similar meetings in order to avoid the waste of time when people are asked to attend meeting for the same topic on different days.
4. It had been agreed that whoever is chairing a meeting must:
-  Ensure that the meeting starts on time and not exceed two hours.
-  Speed up the agenda of the meeting.
5. It had been agreed that these resolutions will be effective from January 1, 2015 and will be evaluated after three months.
6. It had been agreed that a PP dialogue will be held at least every month on issue raised by business people through RPPD champions in Karongi.

The following committee must follow up the implementation of these resolutions:

Private Sector District Authorities
-  Nkurunziza Vianney - MUNYANKINDI Angelique(DCO)
-  Seshema Olivier - Uwamahoro Marie Claire (SE of Bwishyura

  • Munezero Marie Jeanne
    -  Nyirasuku Marguerite

The dialogue ended at 2:30 pm by a closing remark of the PSF President in Karongi District

MUBILIGI Jean Baptiste,RPPD Consultant