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Nyaruguru RPPD Roadshow

> 25 February 2014

A Joint meeting between public and private sector held in Nyaruguru district was to launch officially RPPD mechanism in the district. It aimed at discussing business issues that are hindering the economic development in Nyaruguru district.

In this meeting, the Mayor of district Mr. HABITEGEKO Fran├žois, with other district officials and other public institutions operating within the district i.e. National Police, RDF and Rwanda Revenue Authority were taking part. PSF was represented by committee members together with financial institutions and the business community.

The participants identified 28 business issues categorized into two parts to be resolved at district and national level. Among them, eleven issues are to be addressed at district level while nine will be handled at national level. And other eight specific issues took as hindrances of business women in this district.

The turn up of participants was 58 from both sides. Among them, 24 were from Public while 34 were from Private sector. However, the attendance of female participants is still too low.

The organizers of this event were Local RPPD Champions, PSF and RDB in conjunction with GIZ as supporting organization of the RPPD mechanism.