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NYABIHU RPPD discussed the improper market for sweet potatoes

> 19 February 2015

On Thursday, 12th February 2015, a dialogue was held in Nyabihu about the improper market for sweet potatoes.

The dialogue was attended by both sides at 100%: the public sector was represented by 7 participants including the Mayor of the mentioned district.
The participants from the private sector were 38.

Among the participants were entrepreneurs from agribusiness, cooperatives, and representatives of business community.

Participants were very active during the dialogue expressing their different ideas about the disorder happening when buying sweet potatoes during the harvest season.

They gave concrete examples in their daily businesses and the consequences such as: Lower prices of our products in harvest season make us poor, 60 francs per 1 kilo when you sell sweet potatoes with people implicated in agriculture and buy it at 120 francs.

The dialogue convinced the district authorities and other institutions to take into considerations the arguments of persons engaged in agriculture of sweet potatoes and the business community in this domain before taking any decisions that might affect them.

Written By,
Hyacinthe TWISHIME, RPPD Consultant