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NYABIHU PPD discussed the lack of efficient security of business in commercial centers

> 7 September 2015

On Tuesday, 25th August 2015 from 11:30 to 13:10, a dialogue was held in Nyabihu District discussing the lack of efficient security of business in commercial centers.
The dialogue was attended by both sides: public and private; on the public side , the district was represented by 8 participants including the Mayor TWAHIRWA Abdoulatif who chaired the dialogue in collaboration with GAHUTU Ezechiel, the Chairman of Private Sector Federation and 8 at sector level while the private sector counted 21 participants. Among them, females were around 5, both from the private sector. In total, participants were 37 out of 40 expected.

The dialogue began with a good atmosphere mainly due to the categories invited to attend the dialogue (Army, Police, Dasso, Inkeragutabara, district Authorities, Executive Secretaries from sectors, PSF representatives at sector level). Both parties showed a commitment to discuss the security issue, and find convenient solutions.
Participants were very active during the dialogue; they expressed their ideas and provided facts of the inefficient security in district markets and in different commercial centers which reflect negatively on their businesses. BASESEKAZA Pierre, PSF representative at BIGOGWE center noted that its center got robbed long time ago and business people have not been reimbursed by the persons in charge of security in the center. This resulted in business people refusing to pay the fixed amount for security and it needs to be tackled.
After discussion, two mains resolutions were agreed on by both sides:
• To put in place an Ad Hoc Committee charged to renew old contracts for guard security. It was composed by PSF president at district level, four PSF representatives at sector level (KORA, VUNGA, MUKAMIRA, RAMBURA) , lawyer at district level, DASSO, INKERAGUTABARA cooperative, POLICE, DCO and Investment Promotion who will chair the committee;
• To establish a security force not later than 11th September 2015 in the centers that lacked the mentioned security structure.
In view of the atmosphere of the dialogue characterized by openness and consensus on resolutions, there is a great commitment to implementation.

Hyacinthe TWISHIME, RPPD Consultant