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Ngororero business people and District officials meet to discuss Taxes issues

> 24 July 2014

On the 26th June 2014, Ngororero District organized and conducted a successful dialogue on prior consultation of PSF on district taxes. The dialogue took place at Ngororero Guest House was attended by 29 participants, among them 5 males from public sector including the Vice mayor and the Executive Secretary of the district. PSF was represented by 24; 7 females and 17 males.
PSF representatives were highly pleased by the fact that the district was represented by high placed officials; which testifies the importance the district attaches to the mechanism. In their speeches, the District Vice Mayor Emmanuel MAZIMPAKA and PSF president; Ibrahim KANYAMBO emphasized on this culture of jointly solving issues based on the involvement of concerned parties in the decisions making. Participants openly and frankly discussed and came up with two key following agreed resolutions:
The participants agreed on organizing what they called technical session that will bring together PSF committee, the economic commission of the district council and district staffs involved in taxes to analyze and fixe taxes proposals that will be presented to the council for approval. Regarding the trading license (ipatante in Kinyarwanda), participants found better if it could be charged according to the economic capacity and the turnover of traders instead of being charged according to business centers. Participants proposed to scale up this issue to the RPPD national secretariat; due to the fact that its resolution requires the law amendment.

By MURANGWA Emmanuel,RPPD Consultant