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News on Gisagara dialogue on poor services rendered by banks

> 2 March 2015

Friday on the 20th February 2015, a dialogue that brought together the private sector, banks, financial institutions and Gisagara district was organized with the purpose of solving the issue related to poor services provided by banks.

In this dialogue the district was represented by the Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Affairs HATEGEKIMANA Hesron while the PSF was represented by the president; MFASHINGABO Francois.

The private sector was given the opportunity to explain more about the issue of poor service delivery.

The PSF President mentioned the corruption that affects some banks and financial institutions’ services, especially loans.

He deplored the delay in obtaining loans while all requirements are fulfilled and the fact that contracts that are prepared in English and French while those language are not spoken by several members of PSF.

On one hand, banks and financial institutions recognized that even if they can’t ignore some misbehaviors of some staffs, on other hand business people should change their mindset that push them to think that, once a loan is requested, it is automatically accorded.

After exchanging on the issue, participants concluded with the following resolutions:

Banks and financial institutions are requested to avail the checklist of requirements for mentioned services and deadlines vis a vis responses to clients’ requests.

Banks and financial institutions will conduct regular internal evaluation related to corruption.

In case of suspicion of corruption in a certain bank or financial institution, PSF committee will inform the bank manager and request him to follow up and monitor such case.

PSF committee and branch managers will negotiate with banks headquarters about the introduction of Kinyarwanda among languages to be used in contracts .

Written by,
RPPD Consultant