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Musanze dialogue on women street venders issue

> 24 June 2014

Friday, 13th June 2014, a dialogue aiming at solving the issue related to formalizing women street venders’ activities was conducted at Centre Pastoral Fatima in Musanze. The dialogue was a continuation of the RPPD process and followed a preparation meeting held on the 15th May 2014, which was the opportunity to assess the real issues faced by mentioned women. The dialogue was attended by 16 participants including 12 women street venders representing the whole group of about 300 people, 2 district representatives; the District cooperatives officer and the Mayor. On the other side were present the PSF president and the president of vegetables section in Musanze Market. On one hand, all participants recognized that those women are involved in informal and illegal business by the fact that they are not registered and do not pay required taxes. On the other side women affirm that their families rely on this business in all needs even if it is not organized. After exchanging on the issue, the district was requested to support those women in putting in place a legal cooperative by providing them with all requirements and advocacy. In addition the district promised to avail the place in Musanze Market where the formed cooperatives will sell their products. On the side of those women, they agreed to mobilize women street venders into recognized and formal cooperatives as soon as possible. At the end of the dialogue, participants received and discussed with the Germany delegation which was visiting activities funded by Germany cooperation in Northern Province.
By Emmanuel Murangwa