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Meet Community Report Back in KARONGI District

> 28 October 2015

Meet Community Report Back in KARONGI District

Thursday, the 22nd October 2015, at Golf Eden Rock Hotel in KARONGI District, gathered the business community’s representatives from all over KARONGI District along with District delegation led by the Executive Secretary Mr MUHIRE Emmanuel.

The purpose of that session, commonly known as “KWINEGURA Forum doubled as Meet Community Report Back” was mainly to review the resolutions made from three dialogues conducted previously and which dealt with raised business issues as follows:

PPD1: Untimely public meetings or sessions which interrupt commercial activities, conducted on 22nd December 2015.
PPD2: Taxes, fees and VAT registration procedure, conducted on 02nd June 2015.
PPD3: The contribution of BDF in doing business improvement especially for women, conducted on 30th September 2015.

In that session, business people were obviously enthusiastic to notice important changes that almost all of resolutions are in good progress of its implementation. Nevertheless, a close follow up is needed to boost the implementation in countryside as well. Still, there is a remarkable slight gap in undertaking resolutions made from dialogues in Sectors and Cells’ local entities. However, the “KARONGI Meets Community Report Back” was an opportunity to reflect on further serious issues that may be considered as topics issues for the upcoming dialogues in KARONGI District.

The following issues were chosen among others:

1. Informal and fraudulent business,
2. Online declaration procedure for taxes payment,
3. Issue related to business hours and closing time for pubs,
4. Fees charged to slaughterhouses (amahoro y’inyongera asabwa amabagiro y’amatungo kandi bishyura ipatente n’indi misoro),
5. Difficult access to loan especially for business women.
Finally, the session was concluded by the Executive Secretary of KARONGI who expressed how important the local dialogues are in doing business environment. PPDs are now seen as a formal platform of common ground towards sorting out serious business issues that business people used to murmur with no room for debate.

By, JB MUBILIGI, RPPD Consultant