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LODA staff trained

> 3 October 2014

Kigali, the 2nd September 2014 at NOBLEZA Hotel a half day training organized by Local Development Agency (LODA) was carried out by the experts from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and Capital Market Authority (CMA).

The aim of training was to increase awareness on the municipality bond issuance, public private partnership and public private dialogue mechanism fostering the Local Economic Development (LED) among others.

12 LODA staff comprised mostly technocrats were trained on how to mobilize fund from Districts using the municipality bonds from the meaning of a bond, a share and benefits available in the Capital Markets. Requirement to list a municipality bond was stressed and well understood by the audience and other important avenues to outsource investment opportunities.

Public Private Partnership (PPP) Experts from the Strategic Investment Unit (SIU) at RDB presented the recent approved by Cabinet PPP policy from the historical background, to the policy implementation road map. PPPs are long term engagement between public sector and private sector providing infrastructure and services where the private sector designs, finance, constructs, operates, maintain a facility in whole or in part in accordance with output specification. The PPP project involves high risks thus it need a through risk analysis and one should double think before he/she can initiate any PPP.

The good news is that there is a shared risks management through a well-managed contract. Whereas most of the projects in SMEs require collateral before venturing in business, the PPPP are based on future cash flow related lending. PPPs involve complex transactions with PPP structures ranging from Build Operate and Transfer (BOT), Build Operate Own (BOO) and more. All these approaches are there to ensure accountability of government institution/agency involved in PPPs. Last but not least the PPP are important element of value for money, shares risk, its inclusivity of socio-economic development is fostered and public interest is well managed.

Public Private Dialogue (PPD) LODA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with RDB on the 26th February 2014 to work together in various field of promoting Local Investment, enhance capacity building in the field of investment promotion, attraction and public private dialogue. The Rwanda Public Private Secretariat showcased the process of business issues channel to solutions, benefit of the mechanism, organs that institute the RPPD and achievement registered so far and forecast initiatives.

One among present staff of LODA expressed the satisfaction of the package accorded and requested to continue the collaboration between institutions to supply quicker what Rwandans are waiting for to reach middle income country driven by Vision 2020.

By Daniel NKUBITO, PPD Expert