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Lack of prior consultation when building shopping malls, a concern for Rwamagana business people

> 29 July 2014

The pre-meeting held in Rwamagana at Dereva Hotel on June 20th, 2014 was attended by 12 participants as follows: 3 Private sector champions (2 males and 1 female) and 9 business people out of 12 who were previously invited.

The topic agreed to be discussed on was" Lack of consultation from stakeholders (dealers and customers) during design and implementation of shopping mall’s construction in business area".

The participants expressed their concern that currently in Rwamagana district there is a plan to build a shopping mall in all sectors of the district. Nevertheless this plan is designed and approved by local authorities without prior consultation of business people established in these trading centers. The participants gave the examples of shopping malls which were built in Kigabiro, Rubona and Ntunga but are now experiencing a serious lack of renters because they are located far from the main road. And do not have at their disposal basic infrastructure such as water and electricity which are very useful.

Business people would like the authorities to be flexible when they plan to build a shopping mall and let them give their opinion in the process of choosing the place where to build and allow them to contribute in designing construction facilities according to the use of each facility.

During this pre-meeting dialogue it has been decided that the PP dialogue on that issue will be held on July 11th, 2014. The participants expressed their wish that in the expected dialogue, the district can be represented by the President of District Council, the Mayor or the Vice-Mayor FED, the Director of Infrastructure and the Director of Planning in the district.

Jean Baptiste Mubiligi, RPPD Consultant