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Kayonza District agrees to pay late bills to business people

> 29 July 2014

On Wednesday 25th June 2014, the PPD meeting has been conducted successfully at Silent Hill Motel in Kayonza District. The number of participants was 17 people in total, among them were 4 female and 11 male from Private Sector and 2 male from Public sector.

The district was represented officially by Mr.KIWANUKA M. Ronald, the District Executive Secretary. The business issue was: The poor service and delay in payment to entrepreneurs by district and other public institutions operating within Kayonza district. Then after a productive discussion, the following resolutions were taken and agreed on by both side Public and Private Sector:

1. The district was requested to communicate as soon as possible by written instructions to each and every one who is in charge of preparations and signing the contract to use the model of contract provided by Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (RPPA).
2. Both contractors and Client (public institutions) have to respect all terms and articles stated in contracts.

3. The Office of PSF was requested to update and collect all cases of complains from contractors of not being paid their bills since 2010. The justifications and all necessary documents will be submitted to the office of District Executive Secretary through the Office of District Cooperative Officer and PPD Champion Mrs. Rose Dusenge, not later than 18th July 2014.

4. The district was requested to put under implementation all resolutions taken by the District Council to pay all bills from the contractors who completed the works or supplies as required in the contract and approved by the district councilors’ meeting.

5. The PSF was requested to advise and disseminate the information to all business community that they have to report to the district authorities and inform personally the Executive Secretary of the District as Chief Budget Manager any case related to poor service about delay in payment, misconduct in procurement, any poor service from the district staff or other public institutions in Kayonza district.

6. The district was also requested to remind all Chief Budget Managers from public institutions in Kayonza that they are not allowed to publish the tender documents without approved budget or source of funds as restricted in Rwanda Procurement Law.

Charles Ntageruka, RPPD Consultant.