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Karongi Business People identified issues affecting their businesses

> 29 July 2014

On Wednesday 25th June 2014, a pre-meeting has taken place in Karongi District. The purpose of this pre-meeting was to prepare a coming PPD dialogue scheduled on July 16th, 2014 on “Frequent closure of businesses due to district meetings". The pre-meeting was moderated by the BDC, Mr. Karenzi Jean Bosco in Karongi district.

The attendance was as follows: 1 person from public sector, 18 people from private sector including 3 women.

The “Frequent closure of businesses due to district meetings” is an issue which extremely concerns business people in Karongi district as it came out in discussions.

In fact, the participants complained that some of the activities or meetings organized by authorities at different levels (village, cell, sector, and district) require the closure of business activities without being informed in advance.

Following are the issues they identified:

 Community works organized at cell or sector level.
 On the occasion of visits made by some authorities (Ministers, Senators…).
 Improvised meetings at all levels.

The participants explained that all these motives mentioned above are used to impose the closure of their business activities.

They wish they would agree with district authorities on events or meetings which need the closure of business activities, then a calendar of these events or meetings would be drawn up and communicated to them in advance.

In case of an improvised event in the district, the authorities would better inform the local PSF President, Mrs. Hortense Mazimpaka at least two days before that event, and then the latter can inform the business people on time.

Business people also complained the fact that all business activities are not treated equally.
For example on the occasion of national authorities visits, shops and markets are require to close but not banks, petrol stations, hotels…

Restaurants owners complained that the improvised frequent closures affect negatively their business as some foods are damaged when they are not consumed immediately.
The pre-meeting held in Karongi district was successful and the business people welcomed the new mechanism. They are confident that it is going to solve many issues affecting their businesses.

Jean Baptiste Mubiligi,RPPD Consultant.