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HUYE business women trained on negotiation skills

> 9 December 2014

Friday November 29th, 2014, The RPPD Secretariat, with the support from GIZ organized a training of 20 business women at CREDO Hotel in HUYE District.

Business women operating in various fields including tailoring, retail of clothes, kitchen materials, foods and beverages, cosmetics etc., were trained on “negotiation skills” by two consultants Daniella Nziyumvira and Larissa Masenge from EXHIBIT BURUNDI.

The purpose of this training was to increase women participation in Public Private Dialogue (PPD) and their negotiation capacity to get their business related issues discussed and solved.

During this training, business women were explained what is RPPD, how it works and how issues are channeled, discussed and solved through dialogue. In addition, they were taught tips to conduct a successful negotiation.

Through group works, business women identified business related issues affecting specifically women including:

 Limited access to finance due to lack of collateral
 Inefficient entrepreneurship skills and lack of confidence
 Lack of information on national funds supporting women
 No exposure to the market due lack of capacity to advertise their products through the media.

Practical exercises allowed easy understanding of the topics and even some exercises were done in funny way, making the training relaxed and exciting.

RPPD Consultant