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Government plans to close down businesses in old town for renovation in Gicumbi

> 6 August 2014

A pre- meeting dialogue took place on Tuesday, 15th July 2014 at Umutuzo Motel in Gicumbi Distict and was attended by 22 people, 16 businessmen and 3 businesswomen. 3 Champions mobilized them and facilitated the session.

The PSF president,MUNYAKAZI Augustin described the current difficult situation for businesses in his district whereby a lot of buildings are either being taken by Banks for auction due to insolvency, sold by owners themselves or even some business people are leaving the town e.g Malidadi who went to the UK.

Some specific obstacles from the business community in Gicumbi were identified, such as:

• Lack of sufficient economic development projects to boost the purchasing power of the population with effect to the private sector;
• Lack of roads infrastructure connecting Gicumbi to other districts for easy flow of exchanges
• 4 old commercial buildings which are closed down since 6 years
• Lack of capital to renew old buildings
• Delay in disclosing the master plan of the district to guide on where to construct
• Lack of coordination/organization by businesses for joint projects
The following ideas were proposed to overcome these constraints:
• Spread information for Gicumbi buildings to be sold so that clients from Kigali can take part in the auction for better price
• District to unveil master plan with information on roads, settlements etc
• District to take decision on the 4 buildings which are closed down since 6 years
• Businesses to be given chance for contre-expertise ‘second assessment’ of the value for expropriation of their buildings
• Using the model of associations for businesses like it is the case in Kigali (Nyabugogo)

The objective of the preparation meeting was to mobilize members and discuss on pertinent topics with the District. They also chose representatives who will better articulate their ideas during the dialogue. Ten representatives were selected and they will represent Gicumbi business community during the next meeting.

By Placidie UWINEZA
RPPD Consultant