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GISHAMVU Sector the first in the country to launch the RPPD mechanism

> 19 November 2014

2014 GISHAMVU Sector highlights:

 90% water establishment household
 3rd Performance Contract Achiever District
 Best mutuelle de santé achiever
 Best contributor to tax in HUYE District
 Best and affordable maize floor @ 400Rwf per KG
 4 Top Cooperatives support Youth employment lessen involvement of bad habit i.e. drugs, prostitutes…
 Best quality carpentries.
 SACCO GISHAMVU works 7/7 days

On the 5th November 2014, at GISHAMVU Sector, HUYE District, launch of Local Sector PPD was carried out successfully, with the presence of 89 people ranging from District authorities and business community in HUYE District.


This event is the output resolution of the RPPD meets community (KWINEGURA Forum) held the 20th October 2014 at Credo Hotel, where the participants agreed to cause the Sector PPD awareness due to uneasy implementation of the resolutions by the PSF President at Local Sector level. PPD discussions at district level are most of the time not attended by Executive Secretaries at sector level; still some resolutions need their absolute cooperation to be effectively implemented e.g. too many public meetings which stops business activities.

Objective of the event

To conduct RPPD awareness campaign to the business community at the local sector (GISHAMVU) including all the PSF Presidents of the Sectors constitutes HUYE District and Executive Secretary.

How the event went

After the introductory remarks made by the PSF President of GISHAMVU Sector, 4 cooperatives operating in GISHAMVU Sector had few slot to showcase what they produce ranging from the artisan and cultural goods, carpentry works, quality maize floor and banana beer and vines. All the demonstration contributes to workforce of over 200 young people gathered into cooperatives. Testimony demonstrated assured alleviation of poverty of a good number of GISHAMVU Sector community.

Cooperatives exhibiting some of the produces in GISHAMVU Sector

Institutions presence in GISHAMVU Sector

The presence of other institutions like Banque Populaire, SACCO GISHAMVU, RSSB made the audience aware of other exclusive services those institutions offer for the betterment of the economy and poverty reduction (savings, BDF guaranty opportunities, use of the biogas, different scheme to acquire loans in BPR, social security pension opportunity targeting the business community motorcyclist/ house boy and girls/ farmers…

Executive Secretary of GISHAMVU Sector lamented that insurance of goods in GISHAMVU Sector is still lacking in order to transact in secured manner their operations.

GISHAMVU Sector is progressing, some of the structural plan in GISHAMVU business center
RPPD Secretariat explained to the audience the initiative of the mechanism background, its benefit and how it works.

Daniel demonstrated the principles of RPPD mechanism

Officiating the launch of the PPD at local sector level

The District guest of honor stressed the GISHAMVU Sector as sector of excellence in different form (the best sector in fulfilling the mutuelle de sante obligation, first in contributing to the local taxes, have cooperatives that generate jobs to young community) and encouraged the audience to embrace the PPD mechanism to foster the needed economic development.

It was an ample opportunity to show to the audience the cup of performance contract summoned by His Excellency the President of the Republic during the District Performance Contract Achievement. Concluded the remarks by officiating the launching first time in Rwanda the local sector PPD in GISHAMVU Sector.

Participants welcomed the 3rd place of IMIHIGO achievement of the HUYE District

Take out of RDB in this event

1. A lot of the business community in the GISHAMVU Sector do not have the business registration certificate thus it becomes difficult to venture in public tender processes giving a room the outsiders of the GISHAMVU Sector to grab the opportunity

2. Having multiple securities in different places brings a burden when accessing fully loans requirements due to the mortgage registration procedures thus requesting RDB to reconsider an arrangement that can be made to pay once the mortgage fees of 20,000 as stipulated by the law and void the rest to back the latter.

Way forward

1. RPPD Secretariat will liaise with champions in HUYE District through BDC champion to facilitate registration of the GISHAMVU Sector business community by 15th November 2014
2. Daniel will discuss with Registrar General’s Office to outline the possibility entailed on the matter and communicate back to the HUYE District champions.

By Daniel Nkubito,RPPD Expert/RDB