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Entrepreneurs in Nyanza District claim that their payments are delayed

> 12 November 2014

On 15th October 2014Nyanza entrepreneurs met with the District authorities and discussed the issue of delay in payment of by the District and Government institutions.

The dialogue took place at Heritage Hotel from 11h00 to 13h30.
The participation from both parties were very good, 23 persons attended the meeting, 8 from the public sector and 15 from the private sector.

The guest of honour, the Vice Mayor in charge of Economic affairs in his opening speech explained that delays in payment are due to many factors, mainly:

-  Technicians delays in approving invoices
-  The amount to be paid is big and needs different procedures
-  The tender is not included in the annual budget

After fruitful discussions, the participants were informed and agreed on the following resolutions:

-The Ministry of finance and economic planning opened an account named direct payment where all payments have to be done and this will help to coordinate payments.

- Entrepreneurs to avoid working with District technicians without having tender notification and always be sure that the activity is planned in the budget.

- The Economic vice Mayor suggested to provide a form to be filled in case of emergency, where entrepreneurs are requested to supplier products(without a purchase order.

The form will be valid only for one day, afterwards, the entrepreneur can ask the purchase order as soon as possible to the district office to regularize.

During this dialogue, the public and private sector representatives both agreed on the resolutions taken in order to find out how to get solutions of this issue and not be happening again in Nyanza district.

In conclusion, the participants elected a committee of 7 persons (Champions+District Executive Secretary) to follow up on the resolutions taken.
The meeting ended up with a presentation of the Nyanza District master plan.

By Placidie Uwineza ,RPPD consultant