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> 26 May 2016

Press Release
New mobile application for quicker feedback on issues impending businesses
Kigali, 25thMay, 2016: The Rwanda Development Board together with Private Sector Federation under the framework of the Rwanda Public Private Dialogue (RPPD) Mechanism with the support of the German Development Cooperation through GIZ Eco - Emploi Program have developed a mobile software application that will help in soliciting business issues and ideas and provide a feedback platform.
The system is an Integrated Business Management Information (IBMI). It works as an SMS application that will facilitate in soliciting business issues and feedback mechanism to the business community across the country. The aim of the mobile application is to improve the business advocacy efforts by providing a platform where issues affecting the business environment are easily collected and tabled for discussion through dialogues between Government and private sector.
Speaking during the function of the application launch, Mr Innocent Bajiji, the Ag. Head of Investment Promotion and Facilitation at RDB said, “This revolutionary platform will allow business communications to become faster, more efficient and completely free from geographical limitations.”
Through a structured partnership approach which ensures that there is effective research and representation between the parties, The PPD mechanism in Rwanda positively impacted in harmonizing consensus building between government and the business community by building an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding towards larger business growth. The new application will back further acceleration and will quicken feedback on mutual solutions on issues impeding business.

The representative of the Private Sector Federation, Mr Gerard Mukubu Nkusi said; “Nowadays e-service is the right way to go and sms application is a user friendly solution for PPD’s framework adding value to the dialogue process.”
Since its inauguration, the Rwanda PPD was so far been able to find the common ground between business operators and government institution playing the role of the regulator. Those include law interpreting tax regime and specific clarification on patent were conducted by government following business operators’ request. The recent tax payment process using Electronic Billing Machine was widely communicated and sanctions related to not complying with tax payments were reduced while left hand tracks were allowed in the Rwanda transport system and involvement of private sector representative in decision making instances thanks to dialogue between private operators and government.

Rwanda Public Private Dialogue
RPPD is a platform between the private and public sector in Rwanda to discuss and solve business related challenges. It’s an opportunity for the business community to influence business reforms. RPPD is strengthening the dialogue culture in Rwanda. Business people in Rwanda are invited to raise their business related issues with RPPD to find a solution. The RPPD secretariat is a joint initiative between the Private Sector Federation (PSF) and Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Together these institutions bring involved parties for business related issues together to find a way to solve it. Depending on the issue it will be carried on involving institutions up to possible law reform instruments.