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Complains on the formal versus informal business tabled again in Rulindo District Public Private Dialogue

> 28 September 2015

A wonderful dialogue took place in NYIRANGARAMA Hotel, Rulindo District.
Months have passed since the last PPDialogue meeting in Rulindo District; this is due mostly to the unavailability of District authorities and the delay of training of champions on moderation skills. This time around the organized dialogue shows an enthusiasm and renewed commitment with 34 participants including the District Employment Promotion Officer, DAF, RRA Officer based in 3 sectors (Base, Bushoki and Tumba) and JADF; 7 women and 23 men from the private Sector. The dialogue was chaired by the District Officer in charge of Finance in collaboration with Ndoli Ildephonse, the Chairman of Private Sector Federation. They thanked participants for the time devoted to the event showing that they have a good understanding of its importance. They also called upon all participants to openness and contribute ideas that will help to improve business in their District and the country’s development in general.
In his opening remarks, Mr MUGISHA Delice in charge of Finance insisted on the importance of this dialogue as a way of finding solution to issues raised through consensus. He also encouraged both sides to support the implementation of the dialogue resolutions so that this issue can be solved quickly. RRA and business community discussed and gave explanations on the issues raised: the informal sector represented by Ntahomvukiye Michael and Bamporaniriki Gervais declared that the illegal business done by those people was due to the high patent requested to all business people by the district. So that they preferred to do their business everywhere which is not appreciated by the registered business community and the district authorities. Yet the PSF representative at district level evocated again that the implementation of taken resolutions during the last dialogue was failed, reason why it was the second time to discuss the problem.
Therefore, a consensus was taken to identify all business people without any distinction in terms of turnover or location where business is undertaken and they were requested to register them; this will facilitate those who pay taxes to do their businesses in comfortable environment. An ad hoc committee was put in place and they elaborated a calendar to facilitate the identification and the notification of business community. Thereafter, any business not registered by the time of implementation of the resolutions will be closed as agreed by both sides. The process will take place 1 month.
Business people were very happy with the discussion and showed interest to be part of the implementation process of the agreed resolutions.
TWISHIME Hyacinthe, RPPD Consultant