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Central Governement DGs enhanced their skills in the art of Dialogue

> 9 December 2014

On Tuesday, the 2nd December 2014 at LEMIGO Hotel a seminar on stakeholder dialogues organized by the RPPD Secretariat held, charging the Central Government Director Generals of Planning with insights on how to facilitate the stakeholders consultations at their vicinity.

Blessed by the opening remarks from the Director General of Planning in Ministry of Local Government Mr. Egide RUGAMBA, who emphasized on harmonization of the different initiatives of consultations that can better yield it fruits when channelled to this Rwanda Public Private Dialogue Mechanism; basing on the process undertaken; including togetherness of issues identification, diagnosis, deep analysis and implementation factoring the principle of issue based dialogue and co-share and co- chair arrangement of the mechanism.

He harnessed the importance of the RPPD mechanism to contribute the intended growth of 11.5% of GDP, as well as ensuring a consultation driven process leading to betterment decision making. He encouraged the participants to closely follow the sequences despite a low turn up of the invited participants.

Daniel NKUBITO coordinator of RPPD Secretariat at RDB illustrated the historical background and legal framework of RPPD mechanism; taking into consideration the cooperation of Rwanda Development Board and Private Sector Federation in this endeavors.

He took the audience into the RPPD process and benefit of the mechanism including the RPPD organs from the grass root up to the national level supported by the RPPD Secretariat housed at RDB & PSF.
He then showcased the achievement of RPPD activities; since the launch of the mechanism to date;clustered into local and national (sector specific and thematic).

The former insisted that the participants present become the ambassadors of the mechanism within their respective institutions.

Team leader of the different group demonstrating the Grip of Stakeholder Dialogues
Way forward of the participants focused on the need of more sessions and extension to the rest of the public servants to support this noble initiative.

Daniel Nkubito,RPPD Secretariat