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Business issues continue to be solved through dialogues

> 24 June 2014

In the context of strengthening the Private –Public Dialogue aiming solving business issues, dialogues were organized in Ngoma and Nyarugenge respectively on May 7th and 9th 2014. Ngoma dialogue took place at Garden of Rest in Kibungo Town where as Nyarugenge had its dialogue in Karisimbi Hotel in Kiyovu. The issue discussed in both Districts was tax rates often increased by the Districts without consulting the private sector.
In the two Districts the PSF delegation was led by its President at District level where as the District delegation was conducted by the Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Affairs accompanied by the District Officers in charge of taxes. The PSF delegation in both District included representatives of different economic sectors (artizans, tailors, retailors, motorcyclists etc) operating in the District.
These dialogues were conducted in a good athmosphere and District officials promised to improve their consultation of the PSF especially on the tax issues. Number of resolutions were agreed upon by the two sides including putting in place joint commissions to analyse some specific cases raised during the dialogue for better handling..
After the dialogues, the heads of delegations (Districts and PSF) expressed their satisfaction and recommended that RPPD should be strengthened because it is the best way of solving business related issues than any other ways used previously.
Obviously good resolutions came out of the dialogues; however impact will result from a proper implementation of those resolutions. This should be the focus of all RPPD actors.

By BIZIMUNGU Jean Baptiste, GIZ Consultant.