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BUGESERA Dialogue Meeting

> 13 May 2014

A dialogue meeting took place on May 9th , 2014 in Bugesera District venue Palast Rock Hotel. The issue debated by participants was”Improper categorization of urban and rural business centers in terms of taxation.” Business people were complaining that the way tax fees are established is not fair for them because urban and rural business centers have to pay the same tax fees though their income is not the same. The attendance for this dialogue was successful and both sides agreed on the conclusion drawn during the debate because the dialogue had been previously well prepared in the pre meeting held on May 6th , 2014. In addition to 4 champions, 1 representative from RPPD Secretariat (Daniel Nkubito) and 1 GIZ consultant, the private sector was represented by 24 males and 5 females while the public sector was represented by 2 males and 2 females. The discussions started at 10h45 A.M and were opened by the PSF President in Bugesera district Mr. Eugene Higiro. Bugesera district was represented by the Vice Mayor in charge of economic affairs. The discussions were based on a document previously prepared by the Revenue Officer showing the number of business centers located in all sectors which are part of the District and how the state of tax fees is in each center. The business people suggested that the basic document needs to be reviewed and they have themselves drawn up a list of adequate business centers. The next step of discussions focused on determining the tax fees in business centers as following:
Residential area Business area Industrial area
RwF 15 per m² Rwf 40 per m² Rwf 40 per m²
Business Centers Tax Fees suggested after the dialogue
Residential area Business area Industrial area
RwF 10 per m² Rwf 35 per m² Rwf 40 per m²
Then the discussions were focused on the license fees (Patente). The Revenue Officer took this opportunity to explain to business people the current law in terms of tax which reads that the license fees imposed on business centers is unique for all irrespectively of the business activities (RwF 30,000). After being informed about the current law, business people asked to RPPD secretariat to advocate on their behalf so that the license fees (patente) can be paid according to means of each business people. Business people agreed on the issue to be debated during the next dialogue:” Public sanitation tax fees” The dialogue ended at 01:45 P.M by the Vice Mayor in charge of economic affairs. Soon after participants were invited to share a meal at Palast Rock Hotel

Done on May 11, 2014 by Jean Baptiste MUBILIGI