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Women can do moderation better than men

> 4 June 2014

In most case, women can do moderation than men. I realized this after observing a number of RPPD meetings conducted in different Districts across Rwanda and confirmed it in the RPPD dialogue conducted in Ngoma District on May 7th, 2014.

This dialogue was moderated by a woman called Umutoni Angelique from the team of RPPD champions in Ngoma District. The dialogue was preeceded by a pre-dialogue meeting which was moderated by a man from the same team of champions.

In my view, the second meeting’s moderation was the best because the moderator was nicely orienting the discussions, reminding people to focus on the main topic without interfering in the discussions. Due to good moderation, the meeting did not last longer and all the participants appreciated the way the dialogue was conducted. To express their satisfaction, some of them even said that it is the first of the kind they have ever experienced.
Fellow men, including my self, let us change our attitude, moderation need cool people. That is why most of our sisters do it better.