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What RPPD can do for Business?

> 14 March 2014

When I join RPPD Team as an internal junior Consultant on Thursday 27th February 2014, I did not really know what was all about RPPD. But after browsing through RPPD document I have a feeling that everything will go on smoothly if we get to be more committed “Secretariat” and know why we are doing what we are doing.
Unfortunately I haven’t attended any Business Dialogue whatsoever but RPPD need to focus on small and medium business and provide more training and follow up on what is going on.
RPPD should encourage District officials to take Dialogues serious and encourage business women and men to attend them and to open up for every challenge they are facing for RPPD to solve them.
For better out come RPPD should encourage all Districts should integrate RPPD in their action plan
I think RPPD should understand the risks SMB’s face and perform them seriously in a way that makes sense for SMB’s.

RPPD should ask Business midi term evaluation after a given time by external consultants and stakeholders
Finally for my two weeks observation RPPD needs to ensure Proper coordination of the secretariat team i have not seen PSF active in meetings i think PSF should own it too.
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