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The behavioral change of business communities

> 22 March 2014

During the third week of February 2014, I used to operate within four specified districts located in different provinces of Rwanda and had dialogues together with business community and district officials.

I met at least more than thirty business people and discussed about business issues that are most crucial for them as barrier to achieve vision 2020 and EDPRS2 in their respective districts through RPPD platform.

Being experienced in business issues and public service as consultant for more than 9 years, I realized common issues that are hindering business development in Rwanda and economic growth in our country.

The key issues that I highlighted from business community are: inadequate water supply and electricity, poor feeder roads connecting business centers in rural areas, poor service of commercial banks, lack of knowledge on business policy, poor services and delays in payment to entrepreneurs, high interest rate and collateral as conditions to get loan from banks, roads in bad condition located in urban areas, absence of local and foreign investors that cause high rate of unemployment opportunities and lack of job creation, lack of enough trainings and study tours in businesses, ineffective implementation of Hanga Umurimo Policy by Financial Institutions, absence of strategic plan and tangible activities for PSF at District level, lack of knowledge and information on potential opportunities for investment, lack of enough trainings and study tours in businesses etc.

Apart from particular issues collected district by district, I realized specific business women issues such as cultural complexities, low level of risk taking and lack of business skills, misunderstanding on gender equality towards business, unequal rights on security guarantee, lack of confidences, unequal rights between husband and wife on collateral issue.

Regarding this simple pilot and assessment made through RPPD mechanism I may want to share with all readers and decision makers to take into consideration of all identified business issues. The public and private sector both through dialogues and partnership should express different opinions and get resolutions either at districts level or national level.

This will reduce business obstacles in Rwanda and consequently contribute to a quick and sustainable development. On my view the outcomes from the RPPD platform across the country will secure also the good position of Rwanda in doing business versus worldwide competition as well as economic growth of the country.

Written by Charles NTAGERUKA